Catfish sandwich



  • baguette
  • 0.5 lb catfish
  • onions, cut into rounds
  • mushrooms
  • rosemary

Saute catfish in buttered pan. When seared on both sides, cook veggies and herbs concurently. Shovel into baguette, then into mouth.


4 responses to “Catfish sandwich

  1. this looks good. i am always on the lookout for a good sandwich. i think the sandwich is the greatest culinary invention ever. maybe the burrito is a little better, because it is even more self-contained.

    maybe i’m just lazy, though. patton oswalt has this funny bit (video) about those all-in-one bowl meals at kentucky fried chicken.

  2. it is weird that links don’t show up in your theme. “funny bit” is a hyperlink. you should get mike to tweak this.

  3. yeah, i’ll look into it

  4. sandwiches are great, but i am a big fan of another latino dish… the empanada. you can fill them with fruit for a desert or with meat, potatoes and cheese for a meal. empanadas also freeze and reheat well. forget calzones, they don’t even come close.

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