commuting across the pond

My friend Khalid shared a link to a Danish cycling blog that raved about Velorbis bicycles from Copenhagen. I checked out there site and was pretty impressed with the clean lines and up-right posture of the Velorbis Churchill classic. It exuded style without sacrificing comfort. Another similar model was sized for balloon tires and melted my heart.


As a point of comparison, in the US bike market there is the Specialized Globe City. I noticed this mountain bike spin-off hanging in a shop window on Valencia St in SF this weekend as I passed by it on my way to a Pakistani restaurant. Upon first glance I was impressed that a US builder actually tired to do something practical with their time. On a second glance (at their website), the handlebars don’t bend to meet the rider, but just suggest a bend lest they scare off the “average consumer.” Rack mounts, fenders, and lights are included for utility and to fulfill the “brand image” but the overall feel of the bike carrying it’s components is less than graceful. For instance the Globe City rack does not look like it belongs on the bike, unlike the Churchill rack which almost sprouts from the frame. Another point of comparison is the fork. The Globe City fork has an awful robot induced angle that resembles a limp elbow. The Churchill fork bends effortlessly to meet the wheel, and in the process absorbing bumps in the road. Finally, the Globe City is an aluminum bike frame while the Churchill is a steel frame. To sacrifice weight for comfort seems silly, since commuter bikes will get loaded down with much heavier things than excess frame weight; things like groceries, library books, and daily sundries. I don’t have much hope for Specialized ever producing a commuter worth buying.


4 responses to “commuting across the pond

  1. I went to the VELORBIS website and I am totally in love with their bikes. This is a great find Dave! Thanks for showing us these new and exciting bicycles. I must get a Velorbis for both myself and my wife. Do you know where I can buy them in the US?

  2. Yes, these bikes are finally available in the US, we have a large supply due to arrive in a couple of weeks and are accepting deposits. The bikes are spectacular, especially the Scrap Deluxe! The superb Danish geometry combined with typical Velorbis details and the unique raw finish make an extremely desirable combination. The bikes are made to last- hand made German frames, hand assembled, with a real eye towards QC- at a reasonable price. The ideal qualities for a long lasting, reliable commuter.



  3. My ears perked up when I read this. The -Deluxe looks pretty cool. Where in the US?

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