saturday ride in the park

Wendy and I rode today through Tilden Park. Here is our route courtesy of Gmaps Pedometer.


We stopped along the way for big overlooks in the park like the one above and at the Steam Train. We descended out of the park for lunch and ate giant salads at a packed Cafe Intermezzo on Telegraph Ave. At a shared table, we chatted with a chip developer and enterpeneur and discussed wireless transmitters, start-up companies, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. After that we rode to a local bike shop (Re-Cycles Bicycles on Sacramento St) to check out a used touring bike frame (Miyata 610). As light was fading we caught the downtown Berkeley BART back home. Tired and sun baked after 15 miles of parkland and urban spaces, spandex riders and spandexed hipsters, leafy greens and bike grease.

(picture from picas)


5 responses to “saturday ride in the park

  1. sounds like ur happy in the bay areaa 🙂

  2. in a word, yes

  3. we are riding in the Golden Gate State Park next Saturday AM with some of Wendy’s sf architect friends. you are welcome to join us if you get your tire fixed in time.

  4. Let us know how it is. We were planning to go with Ginny but she wanted to walk

  5. Looks beautiful! Can’t wait to visit you guys out there…

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