fixed wheel

I found a great blog by Dave Moulton, who talks about fixed gear vs. fixed wheel and other nomenclature anomalies.

“Don’t ask me why you “clip in” to clipless pedals because you’ll get me even more confused.”

He also talks about whether fixed wheel is good for the sport, and concludes that it is because it brings in new people. Read his other post, which are equally as interesting.


One response to “fixed wheel

  1. Warning!!!
    Clipless pedals are very dangerous.
    I’ve been riding bicycles continuously since I was 5. Have even commuted to work year-round in suburb north of NYC, Had been using Shimno clipless pedals for about 10 years and had several occasions when I couldn’t release from the pedal and dumped over. The last time, at age 58, caused my right hip to fracture. I needed 2 surgeries and 6 months of rehab.
    Needless to say I took them off my Trek and will never use them again.
    The Pain was not worth the gain.

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