bike theft

picture care of (link)

There are loads of bikes stolen every day from under the public eye. Is there something wrong with locks or people? A bike outside my work has 2 U-locks on it, one for each wheel. That seems about right. Perhaps 2 U-locks for each wheel would be better …or 50 locks for each wheel, which exceed the value and/or weight of the bike! What about a bike that is a key for a giant lock, then you would just put the bike in your pocket and leave the lock. Very similar to maps that are scaled to the objects they are trying to map. One less silly idea are metal spikes similar to porcupine quills that one could temporarily affix onto a seat or handlebars. You can’t ride away if you can’t sit on the bike!

Here is a YouTube video of two guys stealing their own bikes in broad daylight in NYC and nobody says a word (link; 589,392 views).

The video drew out some nice comments from the woodworks. Here are a few of the 729 posts that I liked:

“I’m a reformed bike thief, a car jack can be used to
defeat your U-lock; ‘REAL LOCKS’ only slowdown a thief or deter because of time, any lock can be defeated if they want the bike enough, in the day if i really wanted your bike it would be mine. The best anti-theft measure is not letting it out of your sight for even 30 seconds, or use a cheap bike so that if it gets stolen it`s not that great of a loss.”

“The angle grinder, wow. No one even looks for more than a second. WTF. We are too afraid/busy to interact at the most basic level.”

“I caught a guy stealing my bike once. Outside the public library in San Francisco. I walked up to my bike, and i saw somebody was leaning over it. He had his bolt cutter out and had already cut the lock. He was about to pull the cable out. I said, “hey, that’s my bike!” and he said ‘Oh, sorry’ and turned around and quickly walked off. He had a big backpack and looked like a bum. I was so shocked that he was just sitting there stealing my bike, that i didn’t grab him, or try and stop him.”

“It’s just a bike. nobody would stand up to him unless you knew whose bike it was. very stupid video.”

“When i found my bike stolen a bum said that it took the thief 30 minutes to get the lock off. even after he tried to stop him..”


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