eating Baltimore

Ok, so there is usually a big difference between eating local and eating out, but in late winter in Baltimore can we really be that choosy? There was plenty of good food made in small shops and restaurants- from far flung ingredients or local fare, I do not know.

After a long flight we arrived in time for lunch when our stomach said dinner. Ambling down 36th st in Hamden we stopped at Soup’s On, where I had an amazing potato and garlic soup with fresh bread and butter eaten off tarnished sliver. The waitress/cook was ~6 months pregnant which lent a motherly feel to the small shop. The amount of soup ladled into my bowl was slightly less than what I was expecting from a soup place, but smartly begged for seconds or second visits another day. Amazing food (and peanut butter cookies) from what looked to be an owner operated establishment.

Other food to note: The trip included a wedding reception at Gertrude’s in the Baltimore Museum of Art with fried oysters, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuts; a hungover breakfast of pigs in a blanket (sausage wrapped in pancakes) at the Papermoon diner; dinner with friends at a fancy but forgettable Middle Eastern place in Fells Point; and delicious buttery croissants and brie sandwiches from Bonaparte’s (blog) also in Fells Point.


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  1. How do you maintain your boyish figure eating that???

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