A day at the beach

Today we went to the Albany Bulb park for some beach time. It was 80 deg F and the first warm day of spring. At low tide other dogs at The Bulb were eager to wade out to the cool deep waters, though at first Oyster stayed on shore. We could tell he wanted to follow, but wasn’t too sure about getting wet. From the example of several other diligent fetchers, a chocolate lab and a spaniel, Oyster was soon bounding through the ankle deep waves for tennis balls. To get him to swim out further, I stood knee deep and nudged the tennis ball and Oyster out further until he began to swim without even knowing it. We played catch like that for an hour. Not bad for one day’s work!

see more pictures from today, including our hike in Tilden Park; and others’ artwork at The Bulb


2 responses to “A day at the beach

  1. You and Mike learned to swim by going out with your Uncle Robert to Ka‘anapali Beach and trying to make it in alive.

  2. this was a little more peaceful.

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