California Cherry Ale

Tonight we made some (hopefully) delicious homebrew using 5 lb of fresh cherries, light DME, Willamette hops, and a California Ale yeast. I’ll post pictures of the wort as the fermentation begins tomorrow. The last batch, a German Kosch (umlout over the “o”) turned out nicely, thanks to the kit I bought from Oak Barrel Winecraft, a stellar homebrew shop in Berkeley. Thanks Joe for keying me into this place!


4 responses to “California Cherry Ale

  1. that is a shitload of cherries!

  2. yup. i tasted it for the first time. only a hint of cherry flavor with a slight slight bitterness. more to come after bottling

  3. how come you had to buy a new kit?

  4. what do you mean? this is the same kit i’ve been using since we brewed in our closet

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