Berkeley Rose Garden and other mis-adventures

Yesterday we went to the Berkeley Rose Garden. Only in Berkeley are there roses that protest!

“Stay away,thorns today, free Iraq, thorn in my back”


“Smell a rose, its a hoax, free Iraq, not a lilac”

We left and went to a neighboring park.  I don’t know who was more tired after throwing the frisbee, us or Oyster. The park was buzzing with picnics. We walked past a two-story concrete slide that kids were flying down with the aid of cardboard boxes to overcome friction. If the sliders were too slow getting off at the bottom, a huge wreck would ensue with one’s feet or knees planting in the other’s back. This elicited giggles and shouts, although it looked painful. I don’t think fender benders in cars are quite as fun for adults.

In other Berkeley news, we were at a party last night and somebody who was coming in noticed a homeless woman sleeping by the front steps.  The owner of the house brought out a blanket, pillow, and birthday cupcake.  A kind gesture.   30 min later when we were  leaving I saw the pillow and  blanket limp in the middle of the road. The homeless lady asked:

Do you know the people who brought the bedding?  Are they crazy?  DId they get this stuff from Good Will or is it from their basement?  It smells awful, like mildew,  just awful.  Tell them I don’t want their stinky blanket!

I took a whiff, and actually it didn’t smell that bad.  But what do I know!  She must have been OK with just the cupcake.


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