North Carolina bound

We are planning a trip to North Carolina next week. We are staying in Asheville with Wendy’s family for the first half of the week, and Durham-Chapel Hill for the second half.

Through word of mouth we heard about a Goat Dairy in Pittsboro, NC call Celebrity Dairy that is also a bed-and-breakfast. We plan on staying there 1 night, then volunteering with Wendy’s old employer, the Chatham County Habitat for Humanity. Other things we want to do are visit the Durham Farmers market and our friends Stuart and Alice from Bluebird Meadows (website, blog), go to Watts Grocery and hang out with friends, and stop by for some Saturday pickup at The Game That Time Forgot – an ultimate game going on since the early 80s with some early risers.


3 responses to “North Carolina bound

  1. have you ever been to watts grocery? becky and i are heading down to the triangle on our own excursion at the end of the month, and i want to check it out. it wasn’t there when we moved.

  2. Watts Grocery is not to miss! It opened a few months before we left. It is great! Fancy homestyle foods on a simple menu with all local ingredients. It turns into a bar after 9 or 10pm with a small but well thought out beers on draft, and you can order things like fried chicken gizzards till 2am.

    You might also dry Dain’s on 9th street (smoke free) or Bull McCabe’s irish pub on Main St near downtown for drinks (the latter has good outdoor seating) (
    Dain is the only person in Durham that actually calls me Dr. Love, and his dog and mine get along pretty well too.

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