Visiting Catalina Island

I had a very productive trip to Catalina Island to visit the lab in city hall (actually a converted conference room) and try out my virus filtration method with real samples

Seth and Hillary, two of my brother’s roommates came with me and were my water sampling “assistants.” They had a lot of fun on the island and seeing how real science is done. When they were not lugging water up from the beach, they were taking chariot rides on my bike sled. lots of fun!

On the day we left (July 3) there was a city crew working on the sewer system near sampling site C, which is the site I sampled from the day before. It appeared to be a malfunctioning pump. At least this is what the crew told me. I don’t know if this is an ongoing problem, but if so it could be a reason for high bacteria/virus counts in the water near there. Too bad I couldn’t stick around, but I had a 10:00 AM ferry to catch that couldn’t wait.

For more pictures visit my flickr account


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