LA moratorium on fast food restaurants

A Reuters article passed on the recent news that L.A. planning committee approved a ban on new fast food restaurants in a 32-sq-mi area in L.A. This ban lasts 1-yr and can be extended if it works.

“If passed, it would affect about half a million Angelenos living in an area that supporters say already has about 400 fast-food eateries and few grocery stores.

The proposed moratorium follows a report last year which found that [about] 30 percent of children living in the South Los Angeles, West Adams, Baldwin Hills and Leimert Park areas are obese compared to about 21 percent in the rest of the city.”

BBC world news announced that “73% of South Los Angeles restaurants were fast food, compared with 42% in affluent West Los Angeles.” Although I support the ban and the political leap that the city will take… it seems to me that this planned ban is too late! The fast food restaurants are already there. In addition to alienating fast food stores in public, they should also try for back-room deals to include fast food restaurants in writing new menus and subsidizing public school P.E. classes or other types of health education.


One response to “LA moratorium on fast food restaurants

  1. Agree – totally.
    It’s important to note that a separate measure passed by the city provides economic incentives for new grocery stores and restaurants with table service.
    Check out for some of the great healthy and vegetarian restaurants we do have, albeit few and far between.

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