Floor routine

to J. Steele, my favorite gymnast athlete


10 responses to “Floor routine

  1. you forgot to fall on your ass and maintain your frozen-on smile!

  2. dude that was hysterical.

    (you obviously need to be writing my dissertation with all this free-time that you have…)

  3. I give the difficulty a 2 and the non smile a 1. And where is your helmet?

  4. you certainly got the dog’s attention.

  5. that kid is obviously under 16 y/o.

  6. No offense, but that floor routine was pathetic … stick to putting ice cream on your brother’s head and then eat the ice cream. And, if that doesn’t work out for you stick to your day job.

  7. Anitra, your comments are duly noted. I guess not everybody fits the mold as an Olympic gymnast. what Olympic sport do you most enjoy?

  8. I like soccer, figure skating, and REAL gymnastics. I hope you find a sport you’re good at … maybe it’s beer or ravioli making.

  9. Anitra, he actually is a great biker. He biked from Connecticut to California. Not an Olympic sport yet, but still quite a feat.

  10. I also like making faces in the mirror. that should be an Olympic sport!

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