Slow Food article

I read a great article in the SF Chronicle about the owner of the Monterey Market, a grocery store in Berkeley, CA.  Below is an excerpt or read the full article.

Fujimoto buys from local growers – even those with just one or two prized rangpur lime or ‘Hachiya’ persimmon trees growing in the backyard. ‘There is no minimum,’ Fujimoto said.

But local sourcing happens as much by default as by intent at Monterey Market. “I focus on seasonality and quality, and in doing so end up being very local.

‘Bill (Fujimoto) has a marketing theory that you buy high and pay as much as you can to your vendors, then sell at the lowest possible price,’ said David Eichorn, a Kensington gardener and wild-mushroom forager. ‘If he’s selling my wild chanterelle mushrooms for $11 per pound, he’s going to give me $8 per pound.’

If they are open for Labor Day, I am going to pick up a few bags of produce tomorrow and scare up a feast for some friends who are coming in town for the Slow Food Conference.  I’m thinkin’ about garlic cheese grits, avocado and goat cheese salad, roasted root crops, and pork chops with mustard.  Some homebrew (cherry ale) and sake too!


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