Tap Water “Tap’d NY”

I can’t help but pass along the great news that a NY based company has started selling NY tapwater as an art protest:

Want a taste? Order Tap’dNY by the case and we’ll bring it to your home or office. (Note: We do not deliver to Fiji or France–they can keep their water and we’ll keep ours.)

Check out their product-page, another site with their info-page, and my related post about London tap water.


4 responses to “Tap Water “Tap’d NY”

  1. Have you tasted it yet? I’m curious.

  2. what is an “art protest”?

  3. The city of Norfolk, VA sells its tap water in vending machines. It is called Norfolk Pure. Actually beat other bottled water in taste test

  4. drinking water from the tap is under-appreciated. in the poorest parts of the world people pay a few pennies for a glass of water, because they don’t even own a jerrycan.

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