presidential candidates and bicycles

(LA streets, attribution)

Streetsblog has a great post from February  that summarizes Obama’s tptn. policies as they relate to bike/ped issues.  Here is a clip form the blog:

“Obama appears to be the first major party presidential candidate to outline a national transportation platform that explicitly seeks to ‘create policies that incentivize greater bicycle and pedestrian usage of sidewalks and roads’ (if anyone knows differently, let us know in the comments section).   …now that we have transportation plans from both Obama and Clinton; John McCain, where you at?”

I also have 2 eariler posts on the dems tptn. policies (1, 2), but what we are lacking is something from the Republicans.

I have already cast my (mail-in) ballot in CA, but just for comparison here is McCain’s tptn. policy as it related to bikes as suggested by his VP, but some disagree and think his bike is ugly.  Really, has anybody heard more about the Republican nominee’s views on bike/ped issues?  As you can see from the frivolity of these links, unfortunately the interweb(net) is littered with anti-McCain bike literature, while searches for “Palin bike” only comes up with motorcycle articles.

Personally, I don’t care what kind of bike(cycle) McCain or Palin rides, but what I want to see and can’t find is ANYTHING on McCain’s site about bike/ped issues.  Where’s the love?  So far I am not convinced that he will support any alternative transporation initiatives involving bikes.  He does have a small but important bill in front of him in The National Bike Bill, but while on the campaign trail he is unlikely to be around for the vote as reports.


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