beanshooter wizard

I typed up a portion of a transcript from an interview with Rufus Hussy, a quasi-famous slingshot shooter. (Youtube video; as seen on Boingboing)

REPORTER: Well the facts are Rufus Hussy’s been deadly accurate with a bean shooter since he was ten years old, but it was no childhood game then… it was a matter of survival.

RUFUS : Lotta times when you uh… had that (slingshot) you ended up sumthin’ to eat, when you didn’t have it (a rabbit) if you didn’t have it (a slingsho) along with you.

REPORTER: He used a slingshot because only his olderst brother was allowed to use the shotgun to hunt rabbit.

RUFUS: Well the rabbit is the easiest thing to already kill. see the stick there… (hits stick with slingshot). that way to hit him in the head and wouldn’t bother the whole body.

REPORTER: You just nicked it, didn’t ya!

REPORTER: Rufus says he can’t really explain how he does especially since he doesn’t aim the slingshot

RUFUS: you want to see your target tis first thing. It don’t make no difference where you have this hand (right hand), but the one up front tis the one controls it.

REPORTER: The one up-front controls it?

RUFUS: See the jig?

REPORTER: Yes’re… Ohh!

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