weekend walk


Oyster and I had a great walk in the Marin, just north of Mt. Tam off Bolinas Rd.  We followed the Pine Mtn trail to Kent lake (map), and returned the same way.   I can’t imaging doing this hike any time but the Winter.  Very  little shade for long streaches along ridgelines.  Only mtn bikers after the Pine Mtn summit, which made for long stretches of quite punctuated with whooosh-zips. I think I finally got the dog tired, when we were 100 yds from the car and I realized I droped his water dish a few hundred yards back.  He stood his ground and didn’t budge when I tried to turn around. I got the message…     but I still went back for the dish.  I guess it was a case of house rules, dealer wins.

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One response to “weekend walk

  1. I loved those runs with Wendy and Oyster in Tilden Park! What a good dog:)

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