Octupus makes trouble in aquarium

An octopus escaping an aquarium through a thin...
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As seen on BoingBoing, via the LA Times:

An octopus in the Santa Monica Aquarium “swum to the top of the enclosure and disassembled the recycling system’s valve, flooding the place with some 200 gallons of seawater….  It [the octopus] watched intently through glass walls and portholes as workers struggled to dry the place out in time for the day’s first busload of schoolchildren to arrive on a 9:30 a.m. field trip.”

Apparently, octopuses are terribly smart and mischevious.  Another report on a bored octupus breaking a glass tank with a rock and spitting ink at objects out of the tank.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the army already has octupuses flying predator drones over Pakistan.

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2 responses to “Octupus makes trouble in aquarium

  1. some of us even have internet connection.

  2. ah ha ha that is hilarious!

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