Brains with God in Them

Scientists just presented new published proceedings in PNAS on brains containing God as visualized by MRI brain godsloveandangerscans (NPR).   God is seen in the left image as a blue dot.  The smaller green dot at right is an athiest’s God which is underdeveloped.   These findings sent shock waves through internet blogging communities as participants rushed to republish existing text with witty new user defined bylines, such as “Brains with God in Them” and “Evolution of Church and State.”   Digg followers can appreciate the rate of republishing which leads to a better informed rumor mill.

Aside from the actual text of the published article, post-modern interpretations of these findings show atheists are right brain thinkers who lack critical evolutionary adaptions for supernatural byproducts that Darwin predicted.

Many bloggers found The Theory of Mind is often misquoted as “religious belief manifested at the neurological level,” but later (in the next sentence) it was stated that ” down to that level, that trumps other kinds of understanding. That’s not true in this case” which is completely unintelligible except to God.    At the end of most posts is quoted Dr. Grafman who stresses “the study examined only the nature of religion, not the existence of God,” which most bloggers disagree with.

image and quotes from Wired article


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