memorial day cruise

Image by eric haller via Flickr

Wendy and I cruised around Berkeley by bike for 2 hr (route).  We headed to College Ave to Ici for a meyer lemon ice cream cone and cup with scoops of cinammon-milk and chocolate.  Next we headed to Takara for sake tasting, but they were closed 😦  We biked over the University Ave bridge and rode along the bay side greenway to get some sun. It was actually very cold, even though it looked warm.

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One response to “memorial day cruise

  1. katharine meacham conover

    Thanks a million, Dave, via Kathy…Lloyd and I loved reading your blog. I feel like it is the start of a book–one with various subjects.
    Your camping in Oregon reminded me of when our family was living in Palo Alto/Stanford. One of the best ever camp grounds was Honeyman
    (I think the name is correct) State park on the Oregon coast. At a grocery we bought a whole salmon. standing at the butcher counter I asked the best way to cook it. That produced a vigorous argument between the butcher and another customer. In the end, Bob built a hearty campfire, wrapped the salmon in aluminum foil and it turned out deliciously.
    We’ll look forward to keeping up with your journey, see youall in Asheville at Thanksgiving (probably) and here post-Christmas !!!yeah !! I’m so glad youall are friends with Jonah. Wish he could come East some time soon. Does it look as if Mike won’t be in Florida for our big gathering?
    We are back in St. Pete. If lloyd stays indoors, he doesn’t know it is 95 outside. I try to keep him happy !!
    Laura and Marty spent this weekend in Asheville/Knoxville.
    uch love, KMM/C

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