online science resource survey pt1

About a week ago I sent an email out to 35 sicence colleages asking for them to send me web-based science resources that they use daily or semi-regularly. (see text of email below)

I had a response rate of 28.5%, with the majority of the responses coming from day 0 to 1 (fig 1).

Picture 3Figure 1. Histogram of email responses by day

I was curious if more younger people than older people would respond, which might tell me something about who values science content on the internet.   People in their 30s and younger were nearly twice as likely to reply to my email as those 40 and older.  For example, in age brackets with large Ns the response rate was higher in 30 yr olds than 40 yr olds (fig 2).  I didn’t email enough people in the 20, 50, and 60 decades  to adequately judge repsonse rate.

Picture 2Fig 2. Email response rate based on age segment of respondent.

Maybe this has less to do with their interest in online science resources and more to do with their proficiency with email.  In my next post I’ll compile the respondants suggestions and provide a list of online science resources, so stay tuned.


Hi all,
I am trying to collect a list of the online science content that you all– my friends and colleagues– use regularly.  There are so many free online resources available but finding them can be a challenge.

> My preference is to hear about *aggregated content*   So for example, instead of telling me that is a useful website, i’d like to know if CDC has a particular email list, newsgroup, or RSS feed that you subscribe to.
> I am also interested in user-generated content, things like science blogs, message boards, twitter/facebook users that comment on science (ex: Dr. Larry Brilliant at The Skoal Foundation has a great twitter feed).

** in a week or so I’ll email everybody that contributed the compiled results.

kind regards,


2 responses to “online science resource survey pt1

  1. As the probable N of 1 in the 60 age bracket, I resent your comment on email proficiency.

  2. it could also have to do with how much free time they have to waste. i tend to have much more free time than working people in their 40’s and 50’s to do things like post comments on blog posts.

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