protein gets the title: salmon

In the spirit of Laura’s BaltimOregon blog, and in honor of the NBA semifinals I’ve photographed my dinner plate and am willing to describe the labor of love that is cooking for 2.

IMG_5183At point guard, standing 3” tall, a great versatile food from Livingston, CA is steamed sweet potato;

At shooting guard, with a streaky temperment from Northern California is a steamed red beet;

At small forward, cut in 2” sticks, slick and buttery from Cappy Valley, CA are the anise-white wine sauted carrots;

At power forward, fresh off the grill and great on the boards are anaheim peppers and onions brushed with balsamic vinegar and oil;

And at center, standing 6” tall and pound-for-pound the richest, wildest part of the meal, grilled American Salmon.

The coach of this team, Washington State pear heffeweizen, is drunk on his dreams of being the best meal around.


One response to “protein gets the title: salmon

  1. Looks like something from a gourmet magazine

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