Online Science Resource Survey pt2

Thanks to all my friends and colleagues who responded to my email asking for online science content.  The list we generated covers a wide range of topics from Epidemiology, Environmental Chemistry, Public Health, Statistics, Microbiology and Open Science.  The formats vary widely: email alters, websites, rss feeds, expert blogs,  discussion boards, list serves, and linked news sites. One things is clear, that if you want to access science online there are many formats available– and just find the format that works for you.

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> Infectious Disease Resarch and Policy –
> CDC selected topics –
> CDC selected news items –
> Community of Science (CoS e-alerts) –
> EnvironmentalHealthNews –
> Science Commons (open access news) –
> MicrobeWold News (microbiology current events) –
> 60 sec science blog by Scientific American (broad topics, current events) –
> MIT Technology Review –

> Science Planet Blog –
> Andrew Gelman, social science stats-
> ScienceBlogs  –
> Effect Measure (A progressive public health science blog)
> everyONE (PLoS ONE community blog)-
> Open Access News –

> Recreational water quality list serve (not just for the great lakes) –
> DIYBio (google group on homemade biology experiments) –

> Applied Env. Microbiol. –
> PNAS –
> BMC bioinformatics papers –
> Env. Science & Technol –
> Lancet Infectious Diseases –
> Lancet –
> Am. J. Epidemiology –
> Int. J. Epidemiology –
> Nature (short abstracts from journal) –

I’ve been trying out a several formats and hit a few dead ends.  I find email alerts annoying and delete them almost reflexively.   I bookmark sites on but rarely visit them.  I even tried using delicious to keep a community lit review, but others didn’t use it.   The one method that does work for me is using rss feeds, because they can pile up unwatched and scanned in bulk quickly.  I drop rss feeds into Thunderbird (on my computer) and in parallel on Google Reader (for use on other computers).   I’m curious what others do?

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3 responses to “Online Science Resource Survey pt2

  1. Thanks for writing,I really enjoyed your newest post.I think you should post more frequently,you obviously have talent for blogging!

  2. new links from a friend:
    1) PNAS table of contents with links to articles:

    2) Online first from NEJM

    3) Daily RSS feeds on EHN, they also have one for Climate Change news
    News aggregated by

    4) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    That gives you grants announcements and other science stuff.

  3. Suggestions from Kara Nelson



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