Science at the Borderlands


I’m working on marine water quality South of San Diego in Imperial Beach with a team of UC Berkeley and Stanford researchers.  We’ve been travelling near the border with Mexico, and some of our team have made day trips into Tijuana. I’ve been really surprised that the US borderlands is a police state.  Has it always been like this?  Helicopters fly overhead making their presence known every few minutes.  Border police patrol the beaches day and night.  National fences loom large on the horizon.

Isaac strolling the Mexico/US border
Image by superfem via Flickr

I talked to one fellow who several years ago attended his sister-in-law’s wedding on the US-Mexico border.  He stood on the US side, and the rest of his family was on the Mexico side.   A chain link fence divided them, but today the borderlands fence looks very different.  I’m very dissapointed in the United States and their military machine.

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