Return from the Woods


After coming home from a week backpacking trip in Kings Canyon National Park and eating dehydrated meals, gorp, and granola, all I wanted was something fresh.   After looking over the CSA box that arrived this morning I decided on a kinoa-pinto bean salad with rosemary-white wine sauce, organic brown rice in butter, and a peach-heirloom tomato salsa spread over a bed of arugula.    For desert I made a pie with  sauteed pears (to soften them), fresh figs and strawberries.  To retain the  flavor of the contrasting fruits, the only other ingredients were 3 Tbsp of sugar, 1 Tbsp butter, and 2 tsp of corn starch.     The meal was light and filling, and good enough to cause Wendy to conk out shortly thereafter.

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3 responses to “Return from the Woods

  1. can I have your salsa recipe

  2. You inspired me. Had a pickled local beets on with goat cheese on a bed of arugula

  3. you inspired me to eat tacos and watch the Food network

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