Truffle hunting dogs article by Laura McCandlish

Great article in The Oregonian newspaper by Laura McCandlish (of BaltimOregon blog) on truffle hunting dogs:

Until last year, Gusto, a 6-year-old search-and-rescue black Labrador retriever, didn’t know a sumptuous truffle from a poisonous puffball mushroom. While she had sniffed out crime scenes and searched for cadavers since she was a puppy, her Eugene-based owner, Jean Rand, found it difficult to go out on those 3 a.m. calls. Wasn’t there a more regular daytime pursuit for Gusto’s keen nose? (full story)

I wish my dog Oyster could do this!  How can I train him to do more than sniff out treats in my pocket?  Are there truffles to be had in Maryland? not sure, but maybe ginseng hunting hounds could be another alternative.


5 responses to “Truffle hunting dogs article by Laura McCandlish

  1. Kelly is good at finding other things.

  2. oh really, like what?

  3. My dogs are great at finding rotting putrid food and many unpleasnt smelling and unsanitary things. How can I monitize this?

    Great blog Dave! I look forward to reading it.

  4. Thanks for posting this Dave….interviews with the truffle hunters will be at I don’t think Maryland has good wild truffles but folks are planting truffle orchards in NC.

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