carrot juice

Here is a homemade hangover remedy that really helped with my ‘dark-and-stormy’ night of rum drinking.  Anybody have other remedies for hangovers?

  • grate 2 carrots
  • grate 1 apple
  • grate 2 tsp ginger
  • add 1 c water
  • add 1 Tbsp agave nectar
  • blend in blender, then strain through cheese cloth
  • chase with 2 ibuprofen

4 responses to “carrot juice

  1. I think it was the ibuprofen. How about a randomized double blind study?

    • ok. I’ll close my eyes, and we’ll have Cliff randomly select either you or Wendy pour a shot into my mouth. Kelly can run the stats, because he isn’t invested in the outcome. Journal of Negative Results, here we come!

  2. this may sound really alky, but honestly, a shot of what you were drinking the night before really works. hair of the dog.

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