As Kurt Vonnegut says in Cat’s Cradle, we should “live by the foma* that makes you brave and kind and healthy and happy.”

* = harmless untruths

I find my foma by connecting unconnected ideas, remembering forgotten memories, and dreaming about reality.  I hope this site can provide some glimpses into new and used foma, and the disappearing world of forgotten things (e.g. rusty tools, insects under stones, favorite hats waiting in a lost-and-found bin).


3 responses to “found(ation)

  1. shampoo is true.

  2. Dave, i really appreciate some of the things you have to say here and encourage you to continue. I have added you to my blog roll and if you like maybe you could do the same if you want to. I am new to this game but I hope this is approiate for me to let you know. Thanks Nipper Jane

  3. I love your words on found(ation)

    Unforgettable memories include records, black-and-white television, and enough snow in December to build snowmen…

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