bicycle boulevard

i’ve been trying to explain to my friends what a bicycle boulevard is, because most cities don’t have these road improvements. here is a nice explanation and video of Berkeley’s “purple” streets from

Bicycle boulevards really gives the cyclist the sense of owning the road and being able to take the lane and being able to be in the middle of the street where they can avoid the door zone.


4 responses to “bicycle boulevard

  1. that’s really cool. hopefully i can see it up close this summer.

    you’ve only been there a couple months, but are there any concerns that bikers should be more regulated so that they make it safe for themselves and drivers? like, a cop stops you if you have a busted tail light. but bikers don’t necessarily have to wear reflective clothing when it’s pitch black. remember in chapel hill when that one dude got hit by a car on 54 because he was riding a bike on the wrong side of the street at night and the car didn’t see him? just a thought.

  2. Under Obama’s Health plan in the section on Promoting Prevention and Strengthening Public Health he says;
    “Healthy environments include sidewalks, biking paths, and walking trails.”

  3. yes, but i’d like more specifics as to funding plans, etc.

  4. You need to vote him into office to find out.

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